Will Our Mild Winter and Spring Result in a Very Hot Summer?

{} {} {}I get this question all the time. Generally, one season doesn't have anything to do with the next because weather patterns can change. However, there is some evidence that we could be in for another very hot summer.{}

{} {} {}Last winter was mild. {}We only received 1.7" of snow (our average is 10"). {}That was followed by our warmest spring on record. {}So what does all that mean for this summer?

{} {} {}If you look at our top 10 warmest springs in Tulsa, 8 of those were followed by a very hot summer. Which is not good news considering what we went through last summer.{}

{} {} {}Last summer was our 2nd hottest on record. We had 44 days of 100 degrees or higher. The hottest was 113 degrees on August 3rd. We also set 10 record highs.{}

{} {} {}Who wants a repeat of that? Not me! So lets hope this summer doesn't follow the trend of a mild winter followed by a warm spring followed by a very hot summer. But it doesn't look good!


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