Wind Hits Adair, Damages Three Buildings

High winds swept through the town of Adair around Sunday afternoon.

"It could be a lot worse. Compared to what we see in other places, it's not bad at all," said Adair assistant fire chief Brad Dyer. He and his crews cleaned up debris that hit a strip mall in downtown Adair.

The mall was right across the street from Wayne and Bessie Shultz, who had just prepared a meal for twenty family members. The wind caught them by surprise.

"I thought our house was gone, just like that. I did," said Bessie. "Glass was going everywhere, and then I was saying, we have to get somewhere, where are we going to get? And by that time, it was over."

The storm also caused a tree to fall on the post office and firefighters say two of their overhead doors were damaged. Power outages were also reported in the area.

No one was hurt during the storm.