Winning The Reading Battle

One of the most fundamental problems facing Tulsa, is the fact that too many students can't read well.Without that skill they could face problems for the rest of their lives. But one church that pitched-in to help for the summer had good results.95% of their students showed measurable a improvement in their reading.The summer camp at Metropolitan Baptist Church features fun, crafts and physical activity.But the number one focus is reading.The kids get one on one attention and they read out loud to an adult for at least 30-minutes 4 days a week.With time and patience the effort is really pays-off. 6 year-old Cecil Becknell spent the last two summer is the program.. because his Mom wants to make sure, he has all the tools he needs for the future.Now that he's started 1st grade, she feels good about his chances for success, because they've put in a lot of effort.Dominique Becknell says, "We do reading at home. We do math at home. Coming here, I like keeping him motivated during the summer. I don't like that break." She says he's now better able to sound out his words and he's more comfortable with the whole reading process.The staff says they can spend time on a child's individual weaknesses and tailor their reading to overcome the problems.One key, is to avoid doing any of the reading for the child.Instead, they help the children work their way through the pages by teaching them critical thinking.Alexis Carter of Metropolitan Baptist says it builds their confidence."Not so much just spoon feeding a kid, but helping realize them they have the tools."They also work hard to build the vocabularies of the young students.So they don't have to be afraid of dealing with big words when they read in class.Cecil's Mom says a little more time spent on education in the summer,really pays-off.
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