Winter Snowfall

With the official start of winter right around the corner on December 21st, it's time to guess the amount of snowfall that Green Country will receive this winter season. Let the winter snowfall contest begin!

To give you some background information to help you make an informed decision, Tulsa on average receives 9.2 inches of snowfall each year. The record amount of snowfall that the Tulsa metro area received in one year was 29.6 inches. The earliest snowfall that Tulsa has received on record was on October 29th, 1993, when 0.3 inches of snowfall was recorded at the airport. The latest day that Tulsa has received snowfall to date is April 12th, 1957, when the airport recorded 1.7 inches of snowfall. And don't forget the snowstorm that Tulsa received last Christmas Eve and Christmas where 5.4 inches of snowfall was recorded on Christmas Eve and another 0.4 inches of snowfall was recorded on Christmas. The snowfall that we received last Christmas was well above the average of 1.26 inches of snow for the month of December.

There has been no measurable amounts of snowfall in Tulsa so far this winter season. How much snow do you think the Tulsa metro area will receive this winter?

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