Winter Weather Means Hot Business for Body Shops

There were some crashes this morning. And those drivers are likely considering their options. Body shops estimate they will see more cars with dents and damages, as they have all winter season.

At Accurate Autobody, they've seen about a 20-percent increase this winter. You can blame the snow and ice for the condiditions. But here they have seen cars, where the drivers hit more curbs instead of other cars. Those accidents are not cheap. Even a curb can cost you thousands of dollars.

Many mornings. They have seen several cars dropped off overnight, ready for repairs. Some drivers take time to consider where they will go, and how much they are willing to pay.

"Usually there is a little bit of delay. between wrecks and them coming in. The tow truck, they are seeing benefits already. The car might sit there overnight and then come here the next day," said owner, Nathan Hostetler.

You may not see the damage to your front end or your suspension system. So if you've hit a curb, get it checked out.