Winterfest Closed Again; New Hope For Weekend Re-Opening

Tulsa's Winterfest remained closed Wednesday for the 5th consecutive night.

Warm weather has been a problem.

Temperatures in the 70s over the weekend melted the outdoor ice skating rink located just outside the BOK Center in downtown Tulsa.

Crews have been trying to slowly rebuild it.

"Our ice technicians have been coming every night trying to lay extra layers of ice down and our chillers have been working overtime trying to keep it frozen," says Brian Smith, BOK Center's Special Events Coordinator. "Luckily, with the forecast, it looks like the weather is going to start cooperating, if we can just get the ice back."

Organizers hope to re-open by Friday.

They're planning to shoot off fireworks Saturday night after the Holiday Parade of Lights is finished.

Winterfest is scheduled to be open through January 6th.