With Power Restored, Restaurants Scramble to Re-Open

Over 48 hours after the storm, restaurants like Phill's Diner in Tulsa were just getting power restored Friday and beginning the process of getting back to business as usual.

For owner Phill Hughes, the post-storm debris clean-up did not take long, but getting power restored has been another story. Customer after customer had to be turned away for another day.

"Well, it's been hectic," Hughes said. "Like you see there, people have been coming in to see if we're open yet, [they] want to know when we're open. We have a lot of regular customers."

But, with electricity just restored around 10:30 Friday morning, the day was all about getting the diner back up and running.

"We've lost three days of business, my employees have lost income, I've lost income. Even though, you're insured for things like this, you never break even on them -- you always lose money," Hughes said.

With a missing ceiling tile over the entrance and part of the awning blown into a nearby transformer, the diner sustained some minor damage during Tuesday night's storms. But for Hughes, his main concern is getting re-stocked and getting those loyal customers back at the empty tables.

Hughes said he hopes to have the diner back open by 6:00 a.m. Saturday morning.