Without Vision 2, LaFortune Tennis Center Hopes to Score Donations

LaFortune Park Tennis Center is pushing harder than before for donations to complete renovations, in the wake of a failed Vision 2 vote.

"We need to push extremely hard, because we would like to see this done in the next 12 to 18 months," said Director of Tennis Operations Melissa McCorkle.

The tennis center is still $700,000 short of what it needs to begin construction on a new clubhouse and three indoor tennis courts. The changes would allow programs, especially for juniors, to run year round.

McCorkle said she had thought there was a lot of support for Proposition 2 but said she also heard some folks call the proposition rushed and vague.

McCorkle said she expected most of the money to come from private donations but that Vision 2 would give them an extra push at the end to get the job done. That is why LaFortune Park Tennis Center is asking for more donations to complete the project.

One tennis player Channel 8 spoke with said he voted in favor of the legislation. However, he said he expects LaFortune will be able to complete the project without that extra money.