Woman Accused of Pushing Husband Out of Window Sues Apartment Complex

Amber Hilberling

A Tulsa woman charged with pushing her husband to his death out of their apartment window is now suing the apartment complex.

Amber Hilberling's attorney filed the wrongful death lawsuit late Wednesday afternoon against the University Club Tower and is seeking more than $10,000 in damages.

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Her husband, Joshua Hilberling, died in June 2011 after falling through the window of their 25th floor apartment.

The suit alleges Joshua Hilberling accidentally fell through the window, and it was not up to code, did not have any safety features and was too thin.

"This was a window as large as a dining room table and as thin as a napkin," said Jasen Corns, Hilberling's attorney. "It was dangerously unsafe and had no business in a 25th floor living room. Had the window been reasonably safe, Amber would not be a widow and her child would have a father."

The suit also alleges the apartment complex knew or should have known the glass was unsafe and dangerous.

University Club Tower declined to comment.

Amber Hilberling is charged with second-degree murder in her husband's death. Her jury trial is scheduled to start in March. She is currently being held in the Tulsa County Jail without bond.

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