Woman Arrested after Allegedly Beating Child at School

A Tulsa woman was arrested Tuesday morning after reportedly beating a male child at school with a long piece of cable and a wooden axe handle.

The police report says the suspect, Mechsia Blakely, 39, came into the main office of a school and began talking to the male child. Blakely is the guardian of that child.

After a brief conversation, Blakely then allegedly began beating the child with a piece of cable that was doubled over, held with rubber bands. The blows reportedly left marks and welts on the child's arms.

The suspect then allegedly started striking the juvenile with a wooden axe handle that had duct tape wrapped around the handle. Those blows left a bruise on the right upper arm of the male, the report states.

Blakely was booked on complaints of child abuse and is being held on $50,000 bond.