Woman Arrested after Trooper Finds Meth, Gun in Vehicle

A Tulsa woman reportedly on her way to make a drug transaction was arrested by a member of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Sunday night.

The OHP trooper noticed a black Chevrolet truck that had a Dodge Durango license plate so he conducted a traffic stop shortly before 8 p.m. at I-244 and Sheridan.

The suspect, Christy Orsburn, 44, had a suspended drivers license and could not locate her vehicle's insurance. The suspect had a very dry mouth, referred to as "cotton mouth," was routinely laughing nervously after making statement and had a impaired perception of time, the arrest report states.

Orsburn allegedly admitted that she had a gun under her seat when prompted if she had anything dangerous in her car. The trooper found the gun to be a stolen firearm out of Tulsa.

Due to a reported strong odor of marijuana inside the vehicle, the trooper then conducted a search of the vehicle. He found a bag of marijuana, methamphetamine, a digital scale and some pills, the arrest report states.

The suspect then reportedly told the trooper she was making some drug sales for her boyfriend.

Orsburn was arrested on complaints of trafficking methamphetamine after a former felony conviction and possession of a firearm by a former convicted felon among other complaints and is being held in the Tulsa County Jail on over $186,000 bond.

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