Woman Arrested for Enabling Sexual Abuse of Her Daughter

OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown, photo courtesy KFOR

A woman was charged Wednesday with allowing her daughter to be sexually abused.

35-year-old Angela Tuszynski is accused of allowing her uncle, Matthew Mallory, to sexually abuse her minor daughter and take her to Texas.

A massive search was launched for Matthew Mallory in 2011, and he was picked up in Texas.

Authorities told CNN affiliate KFOR that during that time, Mallory abused Tuszynski's daughter, his niece, from the age of nine to age 14.

At age 14, Tuszynski's daughter got pregnant and gave birth to Mallory's child.

Mallory pleaded guilty to several counts of child abuse and is now serving four consecutive life sentences in prison.

On Wednesday, Canadian County authorities arrested Ms. Tuszynski at her Calumet home for allegedly allowing the abuse to take place.

"Now we're focusing on the mother of the victim since she knew or believed that there was child sexual abuse going on in the home in which she was sharing with a lifetime registered sex offender," OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown told KFOR's Joleen Chaney.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) agents told KFOR that Tuszynski knew or should have known what was going on between her daughter and Mallory.

"She knew he had just gotten out of prison for a child sexual abuse case and he was now a lifetime registered sex offender but she put her daughter in that position," Brown said. "Then her daughter was sleeping in the same bed as Matthew Mallory while the victim's mother was sleeping on the couch in the living room."

Tuszynski was charged on Wednesday with one count of enabling child sexual abuse.

[Source: KFOR]