Woman Arrested for Firing Shots into Residence with Children Inside

Lashondia Richardson

A 32-year-old Tulsa woman was arrested this weekend for reportedly firing gunshots into an apartment with children inside.

Tulsa Police placed Lashondia Richardson under arrest Sunday evening and booked her on one complaint of shooting with intent to kill. She was located near the apartment complex where the shooting reportedly took place.

Booking information states that officers were called to the scene after being notified of the shooting. At the scene a witness told officers that Richardson was last seen leaving the complex in a truck.

Witnesses added that Richardson had been kicked out of the apartment earlier in the day. She reportedly became "irate" and began to make phone calls "threatening to come back and shoot up the apartment."

Officers described that children ages six and younger were inside the residence at the time of the shooting. They were located in the kitchen when the shots were "fired into the glass kitchen doors."

Richardson was located at a gas station near 63rd and Peoria. She is being held on $150,000 bond.