Woman Arrested for Murder in South Tulsa Apartment Fire

An early morning fire at a boarded-up apartment complex near 63rd and Peoria Sunday left one man dead and one woman arrested for first degree murder and first degree arson.

Doreatha Poland, 27, is in the Tulsa County Jail Sunday night, held in connection to the death.

The Tulsa Fire Department said the call came in around 4:30 a.m.

"It was a real surprise when it happened. No one expected it, that's for sure," said nearby resident, Stephanie Cannon claiming she knew the man killed and that she suspected murder. "It was probably some money owed to somebody or something like that. That's most likely what's going on in this neighborhood," she said.

Neighbors say the man was homeless and squatting in the abandoned building.

Before the arrest for murder was made, Tulsa's Channel 8 spoke with May about the spike in fires this time of year, coming from abandoned buildings where the homeless often take shelter from dropping temperatures.

"You see it a little bit when weather is nice. But this time of year, you'll start seeing it more and more and the fires will go up in those type of places because they're just trying to keep warm," May said. "They'll start fires in areas they're not supposed to have, or they'll try and heat it with, you know, anything -- lanterns or candles[...]," he added.

Cannon said the man's death Sunday morning is still a shock. He just, kind of, stayed to himself so, it was - like I said - a surprise. We didn't expect it."

Poland is being held without bond. The investigation is ongoing.