Woman Arrested for Slamming Daughter with Bowl of Hot Grits

A woman was arrested by Sand Springs Police after reportedly slamming her daughter's head with a bowl of hot grits.

The suspect, Arayanna Gordon, 23, became furious with her daughter because she spilled a bowl of grits on the floor, the police report states. The mother and daughter both live at Day Springs Villa women's shelter in Sand Springs.

Gordon reportedly smacked her daughter with the styrofoam bowl that contained hot grits so hard that her daughter's booster seat almost toppled over.

A witness on scene told SSPD that Gordon regularly calls her daughter derogatory names.

Gordon allegedly told police that she smacked her daughter because she never listens. Gordon also reportedly said "I don't even want my daughter anymore! I am tired of her and was going to give her away anyway!"

A Sand Springs officer placed her under arrest despite no finding any marks on the victim.

Gordon is being held on over $50,000 bond on complaints of child abuse and resisting arrest.