Woman Booked for Allegedly Firing Shots at Bar

A 44-year-old woman was arrested shortly after midnight Saturday morning after reportedly firing two to three shots outside the Casual Cocktail bar at 2719 South Memorial Drive in Tulsa, with one shot hitting the building.

According to the booking report, a man in the bar heard shots and went outside to find a white female in a black hoodie, who then pointed her pistol at the man and threatened to shoot him.

Lori Wilson, the alleged suspect, had been reportedly consuming alcohol at the bar prior to the incident, with a receipt totaling $73.

Tulsa police officers reportedly located Wilson in her vehicle shortly after the incident. After an officer took her gun, Wilson replied, "where's my gun?"

The report said Wilson was intoxicated while in possession and while firing the pistol at the bar.

Wilson was booked on the complaints of discharge of a firearm into a building, pointing a deadly weapon with intent and carrying a firearm while intoxicated.

She reportedly fell asleep while being booked.

No one was injured.