Woman Shot in the Back, Boyfriend Arrested

A Tulsa man was arrested after police officers responded to an overnight shooting.32-year-old Deangelo Stevens was taken into custody after police responded to a shooting near 61st and Peoria. Tulsa Police found a female victim inside a residence with a gun shot wound to the back. According to the booking report, TPD spoke with the victim's 14-year-old daughter who said that she woke up after she heard her a verbal and physical confrontation involving the victim and her live-in boyfriend, Stevens. The daughter entered the bathroom where she was joined by her mother when Stevens followed. According to the report, the victim's daughter told police that Stevens shot her mother in the back while they were inside the bathroom. The report states that Stevens admitted to following the victim into the bathroom. Stevens told police that the gun went off after "tussling," according to the report.The victim was transported to St. Francis Hospital. Stevens was taken into custody and is being held with no bond.