Woman Tells Police Men Pushed Her into Car's Trunk, Stole Her Purse

Cherokee County authorities are searching for individuals Wednesday that forced a woman into a car's trunk and robbed her.

Officials with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office told KTUL that the incident happened when the woman was parked in a driveway outside of Tahlequah attempting to change a tire.

Investigators were told by the woman that two Hispanic males approached her and she believed they were coming to help. A short time later they pushed her into the truck of her car and proceeding to steal her purse.

After the incident, the woman called 911 and was able to get out of the trunk. She wasn't able to stated whether they left on foot or in a vehicle.

Investigators were not able to provide any additional details for the suspects. Anyone with information should contact the CCSO at (918) 456-2583.