Closing Arguments Ending for Women Accused of Infant's Death

Jurors could decide on the fate of two women accused of the death of an infant in 2012.

Court proceedings have been taking place for two weeks for Mica Shoate and Jazmin Williams. Both face murder charges after 19-month-old Zamontay Green was found unresponsive in their car in March 2012.

Both sides returned to the courthouse Thursday morning where closing arguments are soon to wrap up. It is possible that jurors will enter deliberations this afternoon.

Defense attorneys have stated that the Shoate and Williams were first-time parents. And that the child slipped in the tub and were rushing him to the hospital. They said the women loved him very much and had hopes of adopting him.

But prosecutors have placed witnesses, included a police officer, on the stand who state that the women did not appear emotional during the time of the incident.

The two women were reportedly friends of the baby's mother who took custody of him when his mother moved to Arkansas.