Woodfork Receives Four Life Sentences for 2012 Murder, Beating

A Tulsa judge sentenced Tyrone Woodfork to four life terms in prison for the murder and beating of an elderly couple in 2012.

Woodfork was convicted of breaking into a north Tulsa home in 2012 and sexually assaulting 84-year-old Nancy Strait. Her husband, Bob was beaten and died a few days later from his injuries.

Information from the Tulsa County courthouse states that the judge gave Woodfork an additional 40 years in prison, along with the life terms.

Several witnesses took the stand throughout the week-long trial in May including the medical examiner who conducted Nancy Strait's autopsy. He used a diagram to explain her injuries including large bruises to the neck and brain, lacerations to the groin area and blunt force trauma to her head.

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