Workers Build, Give Away Free Tricycles To Preschoolers

Remember your very first tricycle.. its shiny new wheels, handle bars, and of course, the streamers?

Well a group of Tulsa workers helped make that feeling possible for 28 youngsters Tuesday.

Managers at Senior Star Living put together 28 tricycles and scooters as a team-building exercise.

And then Tuesday, they delivered them to a bilingual preschool in north Tulsa.

The kids were, of course, over the moon!

And the workers say it really touched their hearts.

Anja Rogers says, "Our employees gained so much from this exercise; not just from the team side of it, but from the giving back to the community. And now, just watching kids just smile and laugh and ring bells, it just doesn't get much better than that."

The workers at Senior Star Living donated $600 of their own money to help buy the tricycles.