Working To Keep Lakes Safe

As lake goers begin filling up parking lots...The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is also here not to end the fun, but to make sure boaters play by the rules. The Marine Enforcement Division of OHP are the enforcement arm of the law on the water. They stop boats making sure they have working fire extinguishers and life jackets that properly fit those on each vessel.Ricky Humdy, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol Marine Enforcement Division says, "We'll also be looking for drinking. Boaters who've had too much to drink or drug use while they're boating."Humdy and other troopers on the lake this weekend will be randomly stopping boat operators. There will be too many people on the lakes this weekend for one poor decision to ruin the fun for everyone around."It an be deadly, we also see that with drowning's also. I would say 80 percent of the drowning's have been alcohol or drug involved," he adds.