Would Gun Buying Process Remain The Same?

Despite the hoopla over the President's gun reform proposals, the basic nuts and bolts of buying one are basically the same.

"This is the form you have to fill out," said Robert Jerome of 2A Shooting Center.

ATF Form 4473 already asks those hot button questions like, "Have you ever been adjudicated mentally defective?" Or, "Are you subject to a restraining order?" And, "Have you ever been convicted of domestic violence?" Once it's filled out the retailer calls the FBI with your answers and usually gets an ok, but occasionally they delay the sale.

"Delays are probably, delays happen one out of ten, maybe one out of twenty times, sometimes it goes pretty well, what is extremely rare is deny, come back with deny," he said.

No announcements are in the proposals about any changes to the form, except that the form would now have to be used at places like gun shows, which currently don't have to use it.

"Those proposals, the proposals that the President is running now, likely would not have any effect whatsoever on that occurring, on that tragedy occurring," said Oklahoma State Rep. Mark McCullough, referring to the Connecticut tragedy. His own bill has stirred controversy by taking a bit more offensive than defensive approach, allowing school officials to be armed.

"Train the principals or the teachers in law enforcement style training as a last ditch, as a God forbid," he said.

Back at the gun store they've got magazines for sale that might become illegal...

"That holds 30," said Jerome.

And one thing they're giving away for free? Their opinion.

"More regulations is that gonna solve anything? No, that's just window dressing, that's just talk, in my humble opinion," said Jerome.

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