Writing Scores to Be Excluded from School Ratings

State Superintendent Janet Barresi announced today the state will excluded fifth through eighth grade writing scores from schools' A-F ratings.

Some school districts complained that they saw many across-the-board scores of the same numerical value from testing vendor CTB-McGraw Hill.

Administrators contested 430 scores and about 130 were changed.

"When compared to previous years, we are not seeing strong variation in the overall percentage of changed writing test scores when re-scored," Barresi Nevertheless, we don't want there to be even a shadow of a doubt that our school report cards are accurate.

Across-the-board numerical scores also are unusual. Although CTB expressed confidence that tests were evaluated accurately, Barresi said she was determined not to compromise the legitimacy of the A-F school report cards.

"A-F is our utmost tool in transparency as we report the academic achievement of students in local schools," Barresi said. "Parents and community members use this information to help them see where their schools are excelling and where they need more help."

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