Arson Suspected After Wynona Church Set on Fire

Looking at it from the outside, it looks like any other Sunday at Wynona Assembly of God, but on the inside it's a completely different story.

"It also had went out through the pews and stuff and burned all our chairs and everything up and just gutted the whole insides," said Pastor David Downing, who has been with the church since the late 1980's, when he helped build it from the ground, up.

But, yesterday, he got the news that the church was on fire. It destroyed the main sanctuary, leaving nothing to be salvaged. Investigators believe it was the work of an arsonist - one who also made off with some of the church's audio equipment, in the process.

"I'm scared that the whole building may be compromised," Downing said.

"I'm in shock a little bit - can't hardly believe that someone would burn down a church just for a bass and an amp," the pastor's wife, Ruth Downing said.

The congregation is now worshiping in the church's gym with plans to move forward and rebuild.

"It just builds a fire inside of us - a drive inside of us - to just go on and do it, in spite of any kind of attack," Ruth said. Her husband echoed the sentiment. "We're just going to go on, as if it's just another day, living life," David said.

The church is awaiting an insurance assessment. The building may have to be completely demolished, Downing said.