Residents Concerned About Yale Avenue Project

Residents did not expect Yale Avenue to shutdown, not even for a day. It is one of the busiest Tulsa streets.

Today crews were repairing guardrails on south Yale Avenue. It is so narrow, cars have had too many close calls and damaged to the rails.

That sent drivers and cars in a circle of confusion, through one neighborhood. Some were more aggressive than others.

The next plan is to widen the road. Workers will shut parts of Yale, as they widen the curvy road, from two lanes to six.

They will also lower the hill.

That massive plan has neighbors concerned about property buyouts, roads closed and about the unexpected traffic through their neighborhood.

"I guess we don't know the effect yet, nobody has really talked to any of us property owners. We don't understand the path that it is going to go," said Patricia Fennell, a concerned neighbor.

City engineers and planners have been meeting with residents talking about designs and property for the 31 million dollar widening project.

As far as the traffic, they will figure out access points for the neighborhoods and they will have to complete the widening, working in phases.

Today was a reminder of what is yet to come. The widening project is part of the Improve Our Tulsa initiative and it has not been scheduled for construction. The planning process alone, will take about 3 years.