Yale Residents Now Under Mandatory Boil Order

According to a release by the city of Yale, residents have been instructed to not drink water from the city water supply without boiling it first. E. coli bacteria was first detected in the water on Monday and an advisory was issued. Now that advisory has turned into a mandatory boil order.

Residents are instructed to heat water to a rolling boil for at least a minute and allow it to cool before using it. The boil order applies to water used for drinking, making ice, brushing teeth, washing dishes, and preparing food. Alternatively, they can use bottled water.

Yale officials are working with the Department of Environmental Quality to eliminate the bacteria and will notify residents when the order is lifted. City Manager Richard Adams said that at this point, there is no way of knowing how long that will be. They need to identify the point of contamination first.

"I've hated this for the citizens of Yale, but you know, sometimes things happen and this is one that you sure don't want," Adams said.

Children will remain out of school Wednesday until the water quality returns to normal.

Channel 8 found that many businesses are remaining open and making adjustments to the water situation. Yale Drug Pharmacists are using distilled water for medication preparations.

"It's something you count on and depend on, and we probably take it for granted that it's always there and it's working. And when it's not, it's difficult," said Yale Drug's Pharmacy Manager Denzil Carney.

The presence of E. coli bacteria indicates the water may have been contaminated by human or animal waste. In humans it can cause diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches, and more. Young children, infants and the elderly are at higher risk of developing symptoms from exposure.