Woman Carjacked in Midtown Tulsa

Woman Survived Carjacking

Police are looking for suspects after a woman was carjacked in Midtown Tulsa.

Police say the woman stopped at a stoplight at 41st and Utica and that is when a man and a woman, jumped into the passenger front and back seat.

Investigators say the man held a gun to the woman, who was in her late teens or early twenties. He told her to drive and she did for about ten blocks to 41st and Lewis. At this point, police say the man pistol whipped the victim. Police say the whole time, the female suspect was in the back seat, holding a small, black or brown chihuahua type dog.

The victim grabbed her car keys from the ignition and took off running into a neighborhood. Police say she ran to a friend's house, but no one was home. She went next door, where she was able to craw through a doggy door for safety.

The young woman went to the hospital, on her own to be treated for a wound on her forehead.

Police are looking for a hispanic man and woman, who may be traveling with a puppy.