Your Free Flu Shot Options

Earlier this week we told you that many of you will have to pay for your flu shot this year. The Oklahoma State Department of Health has done away with its "free shots for anyone" program", and will charge $25{} for most people this year.But there are other options to get that shot for free, and also give someone a free shot.Flu season is just around the corner.{} And that means rolling up your sleeve and saying, "Why yes, I'd love to get stuck with that big needle."{} But who wants to be stuck with a fee on top of that?Here's a way anyone can get a free shot this year.{} Well, sort of.{} CVS Pharmacies are offering free shots--a $30 value--when you spend $30 on certain Proctor & Gamble products like Bounty, Tide and Pampers.{} So if you're going to spend the money on that stuff anyway, the flu shot is free. Its competitor Walgreens is charging 30 bucks for shots, but you don't have to buy anything else. And on Walgreens' Websites you can also buy a flu shot gift card.{} That's a great gift for either someone you love, or someone you'd love to get stuck with a needle.