Youth Services Offers Gifts of Hope

Your children may already have gifts under your tree. But many young people have no tree, and no home either. Youth Services of Tulsa is trying to make Christmas a reality for them.

At Youth Services they have hundreds of teens who need items like school uniforms or underwear, so they are hoping good people will bring in bags of gifts in time for Christmas.

Executive Director, Jim Walker hopes the conference room is full of presents for their annual Gifts of Hope program. They reach out to nearly 16,000 young people every year, who may be homeless, in transition, or simply in need. They plan to provide gifts for about 500 teens and young adults.

"All of them will do better with school and all of that if they feel that someone cared and someone helped them out this Christmas," said Walker.

Gifts of Hope is a Christmas program where you adopt a young person and buy things they critically need, like shoes or clothes, instead of Ipods or electronics.

"Everyone deserves some kind of Christmas and every kid deserves some kind of Christmas and these are all young people our staff are working with in one program or another," said Walker.

If you'd like to give, gifts are due December 13th and you will find a link to the program, in the upper left hand corner of this page.