Zoo Jaguars Turn One with Special Kind of Cake

Two Tulsa Zoo residents celebrated another year of life Monday morning with a birthday bash that included a delicious meatloaf cake.

Officials and park-goers celebrated Chac and Kabah's birthday Monday at the Zoo. Both jaguars turned one.

According to the release, their birth was the result of recommended breeding by the Species Survival Plan, which monitors and recommends breeding among threatened and endangered species in zoos across the U.S.

Currently, jaguars are classified as "near-threatened" due to their declining numbers. And human-induced habitat destruction is most to blame.

The newly-turned one-year-old jaguars celebrated Monday with plenty of faces young and old. There was even a meatloaf cake decorated with a few fishes here and there.

The Tulsa Zoo will keep Chac and Kabah until the Species Survival Plan recommends breeding transfers so they can help maintain healthy jaguar populations in accredited zoos, according to the Zoo.