Tiger Cub Leaves Tulsa Zoo for New Home in Washington State

One of the Tulsa Zoo's youngest inhabitants spent its last day as a Tulsa resident greeted by visitors and cameras.

Berani, a six-week-old Malayan tiger cub, was surrounded by visitors and the media during his last day at the zoo before he made the trip to Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington.

He is being sent to the new zoo to join another tiger cub after his first time mother, Jin, left the cub on its own. Zoo staff intervened to ensure the cub would receive proper care and nutrition.

"It will be hard to send him away," said Dr. Kay Backues, Tulsa Zoo Senior Staff Veterinarian said. "He's been a joy and a lot of fun to raise, but we always prefer animals to be raised with their own kind."

Check back with later for video footage of Berani during his last day at the Tulsa Zoo.