Waiting Child: Aquatic adventures with Karla

Karla at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks. (KTUL)

12-year-old Karla had a ball at the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks wth Channel 8's Keith Taylor. It was raining outside but Karla was lighting up the room their entire visit with her glowing personality. She loved how cute the Stingrays were and enjoyed that they would swim up to the spectators.

Karla is in the 7th grade, she loves math and reading, and says school is very fun. "I have great teachers and I just love my teachers." Karla tells Keith.

When she is not at school, Karla loves participating in role playing games where she can be a teacher or doctor. She enjoys games where she helps and guides others. Karla says, "I think with a lot of people it's good to help them and just do stuff for them." "It looks like he got bitten." Karla says pointing to an injured stingray in the aquarium.

Karla is caring and thoughtful and put a lot of time and effort into what kind of family she would like to be a part of. "My thought was just a mother and I want to be the older sister." Karla explains to Keith Taylor.

If you have room in your home and heart for a young lady whose laugh and smile are contagious, Karla is waiting.

If you are ready to help Karla find a forever home or if you are interested in any of the children we’ve featured on Waiting Child, call 1-800-376-9729.

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