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Waiting Child: Leading off with Caleb

Keith and Caleb play ball at ONEOK field. (KTUL)

The Tulsa Drillers is an outstanding group, voted annually as one of the top organizations in professional baseball. They certainly proved it during Caleb’s visit to ONEOK Field.

Justin Gorksi made sure that Caleb was not just welcome, but treaded like a real pro. He not only got a new hat, but a Drillers jersey with his name on it. He looked so authentic that the guys joked about signing a contract and calling a press conference.

Even better than new threads? Caleb loved seeing the scoreboard lit up with the message, “Welcome to ONEOK Field Caleb!” Keith Taylor asked him how that made him feel and Caleb replied, “That was pretty cool! I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Caleb says his favorite thing about baseball is, “To me, it’s focusing and I like to run.” Keith and Justin were impressed when Caleb made several solid hits and long bombs in batting practice. The kid is a natural.

At school, Caleb is a big fan of sciences, especially geography. He finds it particularly interesting. As you can imagine, he’s also interested in a family. He does not want to just sit around at home. He wants to be active and look to a higher power, “I would like a family that would actually do something instead of staying at the house. I’d like to go to church every Sunday. I’m excited when church comes. I think church is fun.”

If you’re ready to let Caleb leadoff in your family, now is the time to step up to the plate.

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