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Waiting Child: Rolling strikes with Elayshia

Elayshia does not bowl much, but she was pretty confident she could master the sport. She even rolled a strike! It was a pretty good day at Andy B’s on South Lewis.

During our visit, Elayshia didn’t talk a whole lot, but she obviously had plenty of energy. One of the ways eight-year-old Elayshia expends energy is through dance at the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs. Keith asked Elayshia, “Do you enjoy ballet?” Elayshia told him, “Yes, I like moving and dancing.”

Other times, she loves outdoor activities. “Sometimes I go outside to ride my bike.”

Elayshia uses her tablet at home to watch videos on YouTube, particularly music videos. Her face lit up as she sang a song for Keith.

Elayshia has plenty of wants, like college, dancing and a family. She especially hopes for a Christian home with other boys and girls.

If you’re interested in adopting Elayshia or any of the children we’ve features on Waiting Child, call 800-376-9729.