Waiting Child: The Comic Empire with Terry

Keith Taylor spent the day looking at comics at The Comic Empire with Terry. (KTUL)

If you're a comic book fan, there may be no better place than The Comic Empire on South Mingo in Tulsa. That's where Keith Taylor spent the day with Terry browsing the thousands of comic books in stock. "It's way better than a candy store,' Terry adds.

Terry is 15 and has been reading comics as long as he can remember. His favorite comic book character? Batman. So why is he wearing a Superman t-shirt today? "It's the only shirt I had clean," Terry laughed.

According to Terry's caseworker, that may be his only flaw - keeping his clothes picked up in his room. "I do my laundry, but I don't feel like folding them. It's easier to grab them that way. I just folded these yesterday and now I have to fold them all over again."

Currently in 9th grade, Terry does well in math and art - which are two of his favorite subjects. As for looking into future careers, he has two choices - a video game developer or a paleontologist. "I've always liked dinosaurs. I think because of Jurassic World and The Land Before time - the classic cartoon." Terry tells Channel 8's Keith Taylor.

When it comes to a forever family, Terry knows exactly what he wants. "Someone active, like comics, video games, dinosaurs." "All the cool stuff?" "Yeah.

If you're ready to give Terry a forever home or if you're interested in providing one for any of the children we've featured on Waiting Child, call 1-800-376-9729.

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