Man in "Scream" Mask Attempts to Rob B.A. Walgreens

Broken Arrow and Tulsa police are on the lookout for a suspect that tried to rob a Broken Arrow Walgreens in a "Scream" mask this morning.

Police report the suspect pointed a pistol at employees at the 950 East Kenosha Walgreens and demanded Hydrocodone a few minutes before 9 a.m. The Hydrocodone was intentionally located in a time delay safe, which stalled the would-be robber and eventually caused him to bail.

Witnesses on scene told police the suspect vehicle was a silver, four-door Dodge Neon or a similar style of vehicle. The suspect is a black male. His all-black ensemble during the robbery included a black hooded sweatshirt, black pants, black gloves and a mask similar to the one seen in the movie "Scream."

The suspect was last seen driving away from the store westward on E. 36th St. South at 145th E. Ave.