Suspect Reportedly Shoots at Vehicle Filled with People, Gets Arrested

A man was arrested early Sunday morning after he allegedly shot up a vehicle with three males inside.

The victims say they were contacted by the suspect, who said he wanted to meet them at Chamberlain Park in north Tulsa shortly before midnight on Saturday. When the victims met with the suspect, Jamario Alexander, 25, the suspect reportedly started shooting at their vehicle and an empty vehicle.

Tulsa police report that they learned a physical altercation between the victims and Alexander had taken place earlier in the day.

The victims said they drove away in fear, eventually stopping at a Taco Bell when they saw a Tulsa police car outside. The suspects followed the victims to Taco Bell, however, which sparked an argument and threats from Alexander, police say.

Alexander was arrested after security tape showed him threatening the victims at Taco Bell. He is being held on three counts of shooting with intent to kill and his bond was set at $225,000.

Police did not say if the suspect was at all tied to the other shootings in north Tulsa earlier in the afternoon.