Police: Woman Asked for Divorce Just Before Deadly Double Stabbing

Bartlesville police say a fight which led to a deadly double-stabbing Wednesday night began after the suspect's wife said she wanted a divorce.

Officers arrested 35-year-old Steven Adair on complaints of first degree murder around midnight Thursday morning at his home north of the Bartlesville Municipal Airport after a teen victim in the incident escaped and called for help. Two people died and a teenage girl was injured in the stabbing.

Investigators say when officers arrived at the home in the 500 block of Sooner Road, they found Adair's stepson, 23-year-old Charles Lee stabbed to death in the front yard.

Adair's wife, 41-year-old Crystal Adair was inside the home, suffering from multiple stab wounds. She later died at the hospital.

Police say they also smelled a strong odor of gas in the home and discovered the gas line to the stove was broken and several candles were lit. They quickly shut off the gas and put out the candles.

According to a news release, Adair surrendered in the backyard of the home without any trouble.

His teenaged stepdaughter was flown to a Tulsa hospital where she was being treated and is expected to survive.