Undercover Deputy Arrests Alleged Crack Dealer

An undercover Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputy arrested an alleged crack dealer Thursday at approximately 6 p.m. at Super 8 Motel after getting a tip from a police informant.

The undercover deputy called the suspect and arranged a meeting between he and the suspect, William Walker. During the call, other deputies were monitoring on a wire.

During the first drug deal between the two on Tuesday, the deputy met the suspect at the Super 8 Motel, knocked on his door and exchanged money for three rocks of cocaine, the arrest report states. Deputies then tested the substance, which tested positive for cocaine.

The arrest report states the officer then arranged a second drug deal Thursday afternoon at Super 8. At this exchange, he made a drug transaction, then alerted other deputies who were nearby to come in and arrest the suspect. An additional female suspect was present during this transaction. She was identified as Danielle Thomas.

Deputies then searched the hotel room of the suspects and reportedly located distribution baggies, scales and crack in the floorboard.

Walker is being held on over $25,000 bond and Thomas is being held on $10,000 bond.