Marco Rubio worried about 'con-artist' Donald Trump dividing GOP

Marco Rubio rallies in Tulsa on Feb. 26, 2016 (KTUL)

Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio made a campaign stop in Oklahoma as he drums up support ahead of Super Tuesday.

Rubio's campaign kicked off Friday afternoon at the Chevy Bricktown Events Center in downtown OKC. His rally is just a few blocks away from where Donald Trump is rallying supporters. Prior to speaking at the rally, Rubio met with reporters where he said his campaign is in a sense of urgency.

"The conservative party could fall into the hands of a con man," Rubio said when asked about front-runner Donald Trump.

Rubio was introduced by Senator Jim Inhofe, who is a supporter. Gov. Mary Fallin also welcomed Rubio to the Sooner state, but did not give him an official endorsement.

Rubio touched on several items during the rally, including his underdog status.

"I'm an underdog and America is a nation built on underdogs." Rubio said. "I didn't start off with a small loan of a million dollars. I've always been an underdog."

Rubio also called out Trump on in money, saying that he was raised into riches.

"He acts like he's some sort of tough guy. He's not a tough guy." Rubio said. "This is the first guy that asked for Secret Service protection. First guy. The other day he told a protester, 'I wish I could punch you in the face.' Donald Trump has never punched anyone in the face, okay? This guy was born into money, raised into money, inherited 200 million dollars. He's never punched anyone in the face."

He urged Oklahomans to get out and vote and get their friends to vote.

"If we get this election wrong, it's going to be too late" Rubio said.

When it came to front-runner Donald Trump, Rubio didn't hold back the punches. He began by reading several tweets with misspellings made by Trump early Friday. He also referred to Trump as a con-artist who shouldn't have control of the conservative party.

"Its time to pull his mask off so that people can see what we are dealing with here. What we are dealing with here is friends a con-artist," he said.

Rubio also said the Republicans will lose the White House if Trump is elected.

He then turned his sights on the Democratic candidates.

"The Democrats attack me more than anyone else in this race, because they don't want to run against me," Rubio said.

Rubio then promised that he would get rid of Obamacare, saying Trump doesn't have a plan for it either.

"We have a guy last night spent literally spent 30 seconds defending planned parenthood. He did it better than harry reid does it. this is whats trying to take over the conservative movement," Rubio said.

He also told the crowd that a new Supreme Court justice should not be elected until after the general election.

"The time has come for us to rise up and take our amazing place." Rubio said, capping off the rally. "We have a chance to make America greater than it ever has been."

The stop comes ahead of Oklahoma's March 1 primary. Several other candidates will visit the Sooner State over the weekend, including several in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

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