One parent shows up to Bixby School Board meeting

Bixby Public Schools parent Elizabeth Rahal was the sole speaker during the public comments section at the school board meeting Thursday night. (KTUL)

It was the first school board meeting Liz Rahal has ever attended.

“What are you doing to hold those in authority in our district responsible?” asked Rahal, to the Bixby School Board.

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Rahal is an employee at Channel 8. However, she wanted to make it clear she’s not at the meeting as a KTUL employee, but as a parent with two kids in high school and one in elementary. Rahal's views do not express the views of Channel 8.

“I’m here as a parent, a frustrated, angry, disgusted and disheartened parent,” she said.

Rahal was the only parent to talk to the school board Thursday night.

“At some point someone has to say something and I’m sad that I’m the first one to come to the meeting and say something,” said Rahal.

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“I think it’s important that people understand that we’re all community servants, we’re all parents and you want to make the right decision,” said Ron Schnare, president of the Bixby School Board.

He said the board is listening to parents like Rahal and the community. However, the reason they haven’t made any decision or announcements about the alleged sexual assault investigation is because they’re waiting for all the information.

“It’s not a delay or we’re not putting it off - you’ve got to get to a point where you’re fully informed and you can act on what you need to act on,” said Schnare.

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For Rahal, the time for waiting is up.

“I would hope before this Christmas break - you guys would do the right thing and hold somebody accountable,” she said.

Schnare said the school board plans to meet sometime next week to make an announcement on the investigation.

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