$1,000 reward to catch suspects who killed 22-year-old Claremore man

Crime scene in a Claremore neighborhood after 22-year-old Daokta Rex was found shot dead on a living room floor inside a home, in this picture taken May 16, 2017./KTUL

CLAREMORE, Okla. (KTUL) – Investigators with the Claremore Police Department said they’re learning new information about a shooting that killed 22-year-old Dakota Rex. Police said Rex was a target during a robbery and murder. He was found on a living room floor at a Claremore house Tuesday.

“Through our investigation, this was a very specific robbery. They knew who they were going to rob, they knew why they were going to rob that. So I do want to assure the citizens this was not a random robbery,” said Claremore Police Deputy Chief Steve Cox.

Cox said this is Claremore’s first homicide of the year after the city went without any killings in 2016. The deputy chief said offices are working on leads why he was killed, but don’t know who the shooter is.

“We need help, like I believe, our investigators are going down some roads right now and we just need that one person that information. They might not even know it’s important and we can solve this crime,” said Cox.

Cox explained anyone who may have seen or heard something could receive $1,000. The money will be rewarded for information leading to a prosecution. Cox said he hopes this will get people to start talking.

“Anything on social media, any descriptions, anybody that might have been out that night and saw something suspicious. It could be a car, it could be some people that they didn’t recognize in the area,” said the deputy chief.

Cox said other people were in the home when the robbery and shooting occurred. They have some details of suspects. At this time, investigators can’t release information why Rex or the other people in the house were targets.

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