Armed robbery near Waffle House is under investigation

TULSA, Okla (KTUL) - Armed robbery near Waffle House located near 11th and Garnett is being looked into by TPD officers.

TULSA, Okla (KTUL) - Yesterday night around 11 p.m. officers responded to an armed robbery near Admiral and Harvard with reports of weapons involving a wrench and a firearm. Upon the scene the victim was located by officers and informed them of the incident occurring early in the evening near Waffle House located near 11th and Garnett Road. According to police, the victim stated he and the suspect left together in the victim's vehicle and the suspect suddenly became violent and assaulted the victim and another passenger. The suspect then pulled out a firearm and began demanding property, and took the victim's vehicle, according to the police. No major injuries were reported in the incident.

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