City leaders across Oklahoma gather in Tulsa to share ideas

Hundreds of city leaders from across the state are gathered in Tulsa this week, talking about issues their citizens are facing. (KTUL)

Hundreds of city leaders from across the state are gathered in Tulsa this week talking about issues their citizens are facing.

Everything from budget cuts to teacher shortages. They’re hoping together they can solve things on a smaller scale.

Four hundred mayors, city managers and city council members all representing different communities in the state are now in one spot for the annual Oklahoma Municipal League Conference.

This is OML's 103rd conference and it’s the biggest one Tulsa’s ever seen.

“This is kind of a one stop shop for them to get current information and training," said Mike Fina, OML executive director.

The event brought the new mayor of Newcastle, Gene Reid, to town.

“Mayors are problem solvers and peace keepers and that’s kind of good to be reminded because it feels like you’re constantly facing problems, and you get kind of tied up in that," said Reid.

Some of those problems include budget issues, something the state has been fighting for years, leading to a laundry list of even more problems. With no solid solution right now, some of these leaders say the solution can start with them.

“You’ll come up with some new ideas," said Muskogee Mayor Bob Cobrun. "Your idea may feed from a thought you had and then someone else will add to that. I think those begin by having those conversations like you have at an OML event."

More than anything, many of these folks enjoy learning new ideas from one another.

“It’s kind of an opportunity to affiliate with other mayors who share some of the same experiences and also share great ideas, some of the things they’re doing in their cities," said Reid.

Dozens of vendors are helping these leaders become stronger decision makers in their city.

“We’re doing some sales tax auditing right now as a result of that year’s conference," said Coburn. "We’re several months into that and we’re pleased with the results so far.”

There were also several educational seminars for these city leader, covering issues like active shooter situation, economic development and grant writing.

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