Collinsville mother needs your help after devastating fire

A family is picking up the pieces of their home, and thankful they’re all still able too after a fire ripped through their home north of Collinsville Sunday night.

The Abel family has gone through some rough times. They’ll readily admit they’ve put their mom through some things they shouldn’t have. Now, they’re trying to support her. But they need your help to get their mom back into a home of her own.

Each step crunches through sooty dishes that used to be in the cupboard, now littering the blackened floor of what used to be their mother’s home.

“It happened so fast,” says daughter-in-law Chandra Abel. “But it took so long.”

Her brother-in-law, Josh, was sleeping in another room when the flames woke him up.

“I opened the door [to my bedroom],” Josh said. “And I noticed flames were just pouring in.”

“[It looked] pretty much like hell when you looked through the window,” says Kris Abel, Chandra’s husband. “Flames were all up on the ceiling.”

Josh ran through the flames to his mother, still sleeping on the opposite end of the 32-foot mobile home.

“These guys were so brave,” Chandra says, pointing to the brothers. “They were going in there to save puppies and making sure everything, momma’s got her stuff.”

Their mother’s room is virtually untouched. Framed words of inspiration, faith and hope only clouded by a thin layer of ash on the glass.

“You lose things,” Josh says. “But we didn’t lose anybody. We didn’t lose a soul in the process, so God is good.”

There’s a wire angel hanging from the wall outside just inches from the fire line. She looks over the lives inside and looks out at what they hope will be their mother’s new home. A home they’d bought and are trying to renovate, but can’t scrape together enough to finish it after the fire. Their GoFundMe goal is ambitious at $20,000, but their insurance coverage will only go so far.

“I don’t care if we meet it,” Chandra says, her husband chiming in. “If we meet half of it that’s awesome. An eighth, or a quarter, who cares. That’s just something that she’s not going to have to do. She’s done so much for us.”

The Abel’s mother does have a place to go for the time being, but the trailer they’re hoping will become hers still needs a lot of work. If you’d like to donate to their mom just click on this link to head to the GoFundMe account.

The Abels say investigators haven’t determined the cause of the fire.

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