Cub Scout pack devastated by stolen trailer

They need everything because they lost everything (KTUL).

What kind of a person would steal from children? That’s the question a Cub Scout troop in Tulsa is asking. But lucky for them, the community is stepping up to help out.

It was just another day getting ready for just another camping trip. Until they went to pick up their trailer.

“It had been taken,” says Pack 49 Cubmaster Jeff Thomas. “And we couldn’t figure out where it went, we realized pretty quickly what had happened, that it had gotten stolen.”

He said when he discovered the missing trailer, it was a punch in the gut.

“Probably the hardest part is explaining to the kids,” he says. “And getting their mind around what really happened.”

“Especially when kids are that young,” says Kyle Krueger, who works with scouts in Colorado in the summers. “It’s kind of like anything can affect them positive or negative, so something like that is hard for those kids to overcome sometimes.”

That’s when Kyle Krueger decided he and his shop, Ascent Outdoor Apparel in Brookside, needed to do something.

“Anything I can do to work with the youth,” he says. “And especially the Boy Scouts, I’m all for.”

“It’s something that you never ever hope that it happens to you or your kids or anybody that you know,” Thomas says. “Because you’re going to have a sense of violation.”

They need everything because they lost everything.

“You know, camping gear, there’s grills, there’s cast iron skillets,” Thomas says. “There’s propane burners, you name it. Utensils, there’s so many things in that trailer.”

The question on everyone’s mind, who would do such a thing?

“It’s pretty diabolical, you know,” Krueger says. “It’s, uh, not caring that you’re affecting these kids’ lives is pretty low in my book.”

“It’s been an opportunity for us to be a liaison between there’s bad out there,” Thomas says. “But there’s also some good that can come of it.”

That’s a Cub Scout lesson worth learning for all of us.

Ascent Outdoor Apparel will be donating 10% of all of its sales on October 7th to Pack 49. They’ll also be holding several seminars about outdoor living.

Blaze Pizza will be donating 20% of its profits, but you have to bring a flier. You can find one to print off by following this link to the pack's public Facebook page.

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