Prosecutors rest on day 5 of Betty Shelby's manslaughter trial

A sketch of the courtroom on the fifth day of Betty Shelby's manslaughter trial. (Courtesy of Evelyn Petroski)

On the fifth day of Officer Betty Shelby's manslaughter trial, defense attorneys immediately called for a dismissal of the case after prosecutors rested around noon.

Defense attorney Shannon McMurray says the state failed to provide evidence that Shelby killed Terence Crutcher out of unreasonable fear or acted unreasonably in the heat of passion.

Shelby, a Tulsa police officer, is charged with first-degree manslaughter in the heat of passion for killing an unarmed Crutcher in September 2016 after she encountered him while on the way to another call in north Tulsa.

Ultimately, Judge Doug Drummond denied the request but did rule the defense may bring in evidence about Crutcher's past involvement with law enforcement and his attempts at obstruction and resisting arrest. Drummond said he would not allow Crutcher's entire criminal history as evidence but felt so far Crutcher has been portrayed only as peaceful and nonviolent and the defense should be allowed to show otherwise.

Homicide Sgt. Dave Walker, who interviewed Shelby after the shooting, took the stand Friday. Walker said District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler filed the charge before he had completed his report of the shooting, which usually takes 30 days or more. Prosecutors said they had established that Kunzweiler met with Walker when he went to inspect Crutcher's truck.

Walker also talked about Shelby's demeanor after the shooting, saying she fell on the floor during interrogation.

Tiffany Crutcher, Terence Crutcher's twin sister, also took the stand Friday morning. She showed a photo of Terence Crutcher wearing sunglasses due to an eye problem.

On Thursday, jurors saw dozens of crime scene pictures and heard from multiple officers who were on scene of the shooting, as well as instructors from Tulsa Community College, which Crutcher attended. Here's a full recap of the fourth day of testimony.

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