Family honors life of 17-year-old killed in accidental north Tulsa shooting

A community is remembering a teen gone too soon in north Tulsa after she was killed in an accidental shooting Saturday (Courtesy of the family's friend).

A community is remembering a teen who died in north Tulsa after what police say could have been an accidental shooting.

Johnece Haney was just months away from turning 18 when her life ended tragically. Family members say they hope her death can serve as a sign to others of the importance of gun safety.

"She gave me a kiss on my cheek and said, 'I love you uncle,' and that was the last I spoke to her directly," said David Chambers Sr., Haney's uncle.

Chambers said Haney made regular trips to his home off of North Garrison.

“Whenever we see each other, it’s 'I love you,' and 'be careful,' and 'stay out of trouble,'" Chambers said.

Police say the shooting could have been accidental. Norris Williams, 20, was arrested on a manslaughter complaint after police say he told them that he accidentally shot himself in the hand before the bullet struck Haney in the chest.

Haney was in a home on North Hartford with six other people when the shooting occurred, according to police.

“You’re old enough to know what you should and should not do," said Champagne Long, who has known Haney since they were little girls. Long said Williams and Haney were dating.

“She was a good girl, like genuine... she would give you the shirt off her back if she had to," Long said.

Long says support from friends and family has been pouring in for her friend -- a girl interested in styling hair and loving life.

“She was a baby, a baby, she didn’t even get to live life," Long said.

Long and other family members say they don’t know why Haney was hanging out with the group. They say they hope this can be a lesson for others on the danger of messing around with guns.

Formal charges by the District Attorney involving Williams have not been filed. Police say the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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