Father saves son from quake's falling bricks

Father saves son from earthquake's falling bricks. (KTUL)

PAWNEE, Okla. (KTUL) -- People from at least seven states felt Saturday morning’s earthquake, but none harder than in Pawnee County. Buildings were damaged, walls fell, but only one person was injured trying to save his son from falling debris.

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It was a rude awakening for the Alley family a couple of miles northwest of Pawnee this morning. A father, realizing his son was in danger and putting himself in harm’s way.

Now they’re in clean-up mode. The bricks they throw into the front loader used to be a fireplace. It used to be the centerpiece of a family living room. Now, they’re just reminders of how lucky this family is to still be intact.

“There was a big boom,” says Joe Alley. “And everything just started moving.”

“It was about seven something when I heard the big boom,” says 12-year-old Corbin Alley, who was up watching TV. “All I remember is my dad jumped up and was looking out the window.”

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That’s when the shaking started. And a husband and father realized something was gravely wrong.

“Everything started shaking back and forth,” says Joe. “And I looked back and (Corbin) was on the couch and I told him to get down. And then I jumped in on top of him.”

Alley shielded his son from the falling bricks that used to be the family fireplace. Now, an empty hole reminds them how lucky they are to be alive.

“All I saw was the chimney fall,” says Corbin. “And (it) hit the table and busted the glass in the glass table.

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The only wounds left, though, were the gaping hole where the chimney was and a gash in Joe’s head, patched up with six staples.

“We’re all up walking around,” says Joe. “We’re still able to clean it up so we’re fine.”

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